Kenya Moore: Phaedra Parks "Cold, Stoic, Condescending" to Apollo Nida!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans and the penal system may see it differently, but Kenya Moore is Team Apollo all the way in his split from Phaedra Parks.

Moore absolutely trashes her co-star in her latest blog post, calling Parks’ attitude towards her husband “unbothered, stoic, cold-hearted, and condescending.”

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you saw the spouses at their worst this week, with Nida’s prison sentence set to begin on the show.

Viewers have seen Nida and Parks caught in conflict after conflict, but The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 14 took it to a new level.

Moore says that unlikely as it may seem, she is supporting the convicted criminal over his wife, adding “It was very uncomfortable to watch them."

“No one wants to witness the demise of a marriage when there are children involved. Phaedra appeared unbothered, stoic, cold-hearted, and condescending.”

“The truth is and remains that they each have said malicious and hurtful things to me to cause public humiliation and disrepute," Kenya Moore goes on.

"However, I find myself more empathetic toward Apollo, because the difference between Phaedra and Apollo is that Apollo had the decency to apologize."

“He showed contrition for his smear campaign and Phaedra has not.”

Moore, who Porsha Williams beat down hardcore on the reunion episode last year, blames Parks for not apologizing to her for tarnishing her reputation:

“She is seemingly proud of what she did to me and has no remorse."

While there's no question Apollo flipped out on Phaedra before checking into prison, Kenya believes she made it out to sound worse than it actually was.

Why? Because this is what she does, according to Moore.

"When I witnessed all the accusations about him threatening to burn the house down, having punched holes in the walls (which we did not see)," Moore mused.

"Her mother stating she doesn’t want to come home and find ‘everybody dead,’" and comments like that she says may have been played up for TV.

"It seemed to me like another one of her smear campaigns, thereby making it easier to defend the cheating allegations coming down the pike [sic].”

Who do you believe? And whose side are you on?

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