Selena Gomez "Doesn't Care" About Justin Bieber and Yovanna Ventura, Source Claims

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Over the weekend, Justin Bieber celebrated his 21st birthday.

As you might have expected, there were models a-plenty in attendance, and the Biebs probably celebrated becoming legal by performing lewd acts with a bottle of champagne that cost more that your car.

But despite the bevy of beauties who journeyed to a private island to watch Justin enjoy his first-ever sip of alcohol, sources say JB only had eyes for one lovely lady.

Justin Bieber Kissed by Yovanna Ventura!

Justin and Yovanna Ventura have a long history together and judging from the pics of the Biebs' birthday bash, Juvanna is totally a thing again.

Unless, of course....Bieber was just trying to make his ex, Selena Gomez, jealous.

Insiders say if that was the case, then the Biebs failed miserably. Apparently, Selena and her new boyfriend Zedd couldn't be happier, and her days of checking social media to see what her ex is up to are long behind her. 

Zedd and Selena

"She's moved on with Zedd, an older boyfriend, and is enjoying the most grown up relationship of her life," a source tells Hollywood Life.

"While she doesn't dislike Yovanna, she was well aware that the model held a torch for Justin," says the insider, adding that Selena simply "doesn't care" who Justin is sleeping with these days.

That's good, because as far as we can tell, the answer is "everyone!"

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