Happy 21st Birthday, Justin Bieber!!!!!

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Break out the Sizzurp champagne, everyone. Justin Bieber is now 21 years old!!!

The controversial singer celebrates this milestone smack dab in the middle of what he hopes will be a career and personal renaissance. 

Via an interview with Ellen DeGeneres and a revealing, tear-filled video last month, Bieber pretty much admitted that he's sucked as a human being for over a long while now... but he's gonna be better! He promises!

Yo, Justin Bieber!

And Justin has since been a man of action, not just words.

He's appeared on The Doctors and showered a burn victim with praise. He's stopped by ABC's Repeat After Me and joked about with an elderly woman on hidden camera.

He's prank-called a fan on Ellen. He's been pranked on Ellen. And his image rehabilitation tour will culminate on March 30 during the Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast.

So it's an appropriate time for Bieber to turn 21. It's an age where the government removes nearly all restrictions (sorry, JB, you still can't run for President, though) and it will be interesting to see how Justin responds to the milestone.

Will he throw a rager and keep his neighbors up all night?

Or will this new and improved Justin Bieber simply enjoy an intimate dinner with friends, along with a couple alcoholic drinks he's now legally permitted to imbibe.

All we know for certain is this: the guy looks great with his shirt off!

(UPDATE: We now know how Bieber celebrated.)

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