Kendra Wilkinson: Wilding Out on Hank Baskett, Tami Roman in Marriage Boot Camp Sneak Peek!

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Kendra Wilkinson may be rocking new bling from Hank Baskett these days, but she's about ready to clock him in the new trailer for Marriage Boot Camp.

Either she's a much better actress than anyone knew, or she was very far from forgiving her cheating husband during the couple's latest reality TV foray ...

Hank and Kendra are among the cast of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Season 3, premiering in May, and the first footage shows her going OFF.

Nearly a year after the former NFL star allegedly cheated on his wife with a transsexual, Kendra is still letting him have it slash milking it for TV ratings.

“Tell me the truth, this is your last hope!” the mother of two screams at Baskett, regarding his supposed fling with Ava London, in the trailer above.

“You sick f--k!” she shouts, while hurling a cell phone at Hank.

Is she a bitterly scorned wife, or just really good at playing one? Perhaps somewhere in the middle? We may never know, but she's got a lot of practice.

This was kind of the entire premise of Kendra on Top Season 3, which ended with her taking Hank back ... and him never really saying what happened.

Did he really engage in mutual hand relief with Ava, as London herself claimed, or was he set up by a shady person looking to sell him out to tabloids?

It's never been entirely clear, but boy have they capitalized on it.

A year later, they're still running with this same storyline on the same network, just in a slightly different setting, and with other D-listers around.

“Don’t touch my f--king husband!” Kendra yells at Basketball Wives‘ Tami Roman in another scene, though it's unclear if she did or for what reason.

Tami, for her part, insists "she is not that b-tch." Good to know.

Marriage Boot Camp currently features the likes of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, but will soon give way to Kendra, Aubrey O’Day, The Situation and more.

It's hard to say whether that's an upgrade or downgrade.

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