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Despite the fact that the man has recorded 12 award-winning albums during his 20-plus years in the music industry, for many young people the name Beck will forever be associated with Kanye West’s rant at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

While many artists have pointed out that Kanye acted like a douche by publicly disparaging one of the most-respected singer-songwriters of our time, Yeezy maintained that he actually helped by Beck by raising his public profile.

Sounds like the usual Kanye-BS justification, but if Justin Bieber is any indication, Yeezus may have spoken the truth.

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Kanye West Sneering
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Earlier today, Justin tweeted, “This Beck album is incredible.” Presumably, he’s talking about Beck’s latest, Morning Phase, which won Best Album at the Grammy’s, thus sending ‘Ye into an inexplicable fit of rage.

The album was released over a year ago, and it seems from his tweet that Bieber just listened to it for the first time today.

Justin didn’t specify what got him to take notice of the album, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the Kanye tantrum played a part in his newfound appreciation for Beck.

This is yet another indication that we’re experiencing the dawn of a kinder, gentler “pure” Bieber

Surely, the Biebs of years past would’ve sided with Kanye and his ignorant “swag.” Biebs 2.0, however, sought out the controversial album, gave it a listen, and recommended it to his fans.

It’s a subtle change, but an important one. Now if only 37-year-old Kanye would take a cue from this kid who just reached drinking age last week.