Entourage Movie Trailer: Spot the Celebrity Cameo!

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A second Entourage movie trailer has hit the Internet and, as expected, it features Vinnie, E, Turtle and Drama.

It also features and angry Ari and a lot of bikini-clad women on a yacht.

However, the new footage also teases an endless number of celebrity cameos (17, by our count); some expected (hello, Mark Wahlberg and Bob Saget!) and some less expected (howdy… Warren Buffett?!?).

But the most prominent non-cast member appears to be UFC sensation Ronda Rousey, who gets hit on by Turtle and then who simply beats on Turtle inside the Octagon.

Check out the new Entourage trailer now:

The Entourage movie will find Ari asking Vince to star in a new blockbuster, only for Vince to reply that he wants to direct the film as well.

Cue drama, humor, suspense and panic after Vince goes over budget and Ari worries that a box office bomb will bring down the entire crew.

Also: Sloan is having a baby! And Lloyd is getting married!

Entourage hits theaters on June 5, and Adrian Grenier is confident you’ll like it.

"I would almost give a money-back guarantee," Grenier told People a little while ago. "If anybody doesn't like this movie, they can tweet me, and I will consider giving them their money back...If they can give me a reason that I think is legitimate."

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