Duggar Protest: Lesbian Couple Snaps Controversial Photo In Front of Family Home

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Back in January, Sheryl McFerrin - a former friend of Michelle Duggar's -  protested the Duggar's anti-gay views by snapping a photo of her sister and her sister's girflriend kissing outside of the family's compound in Arkansas.

The photo was posted online in response to the Michelle's fight against an anti-discrimination bill that was intended to protect housing and employment rights for members of the LGBT community living in Arkansas.

The bill was struck down, thanks in part to the Duggar's considerable political clout in their home state.

Despite the setback in Arkansas, however, the gay rights movement has enjoyed major victories throughout much of the US in recent months, and McFerrin and her sister returned to the Duggar compound this week to celebrate a personal milestone that also serves as a hallmark of progress in the ongoing fight for equality:

Duggar Lesbian Kiss

That's McFerrin's sister, Tandra Barnfield, and her wife, Samantha Munzy, recreating their original photo, but this time with their marriage certificate in hand.

Gay marriage is banned in Arkansas, but Barnfield and Munzy recently tied the knot in Oklahoma, and returned to share their joy in front of a house that's become a symbol of the opposition to their cause.

"It's a good feeling. We are a proud married couple," says Barnfield. "We continue to move forward, despite the Duggars' long, hard efforts to put a stop to gay marriage."

Of course, it's unlikely that the Duggars will change their mind on the subject of marriage equality any time soon.

Josh Duggar's recent comments on the gay community outraged millions, and Michelle continues to be estranged from her lesbian sister, Evelyn Ruark, as a result of Evelyn's sexual orientation.

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