Dan Bilzerian Sells Lamborghini to Pauly D, Gets Banned From Snapchat for Nudity

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It's been a busy week for Dan Bilzerian...by which we mean he sold a car, got kicked off a website, and apparently carried an alligator at one point. But hey, that's way more work than he usually does!

Dan Bilzerian and Alligator

That's the Bilz 'gator carrying moment, and believe it or not that was not the highlight of his weekend.

No, that title goes to the moment that Jersey Shore star Pauly D forked over $450,000 for a Lamborghini that The Most Interesting Man on Instagram was having trouble unloading.

Pulling in nearly half a mill for a fancy whip that you no longer have the garage space for must feel pretty good, but Dan immediately followed that up with another winning moment.

Yesterday, he announced that after years of dominating IG, the Bilzerian Empire would soon take over Snapchat, as well. Six hours later, he was banned from the app, because boobs.

You see, in addition to throwing porn stars off his roof, Bilzerian posts lots of photos of them shooting guns in various states of undress.

Snapchat admins weren't having it, and that's probably just what Bilzerian wants, as it helps him bolster his image as a dude who's surrounded by guns and naked boobs everywhere he goes (even though he has no trouble keeping the nudity off Instagram).

So yeah, it was probably his plan to kicked off from the start, and the fact that he did it in just six hours is just the latest in a long line of victories for Bilzerian.  

Last month, Bilzerian was cleared on bomb charges, because that's the kind of life he leads. Prior to that, he got busted banging the wife of sports agent Drew Rosenhaus, but managed to avoid any sort of major scandal.

Like we said, this guy lives quite the existence. He's definitely earned that "Most Interesting Man" title. 

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