Dan Bilzerian: Banging The Wife of Superstar Sports Agent Drew Rosenhaus?

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You might remember Dan Bilzerian from the incident last spring in which he threw a porn star off his roof. Or maybe from the time he was arrested for making a bomb.

We could spend days rattling off a Troy McClure-style list of this dude's jaw-dropping shenanigans, but suffice it say, the guy's got something of a reputation for fast living.

A big part of Bilzerian's cartoonish lifestyle is his habit of partying (and sleeping) with scads of bikini-clad models, and documenting his exploits on Instagram.

But now it seems Blitz's fondness for flaunting his playboy ways may have resulted in some major consequences for one of his many lady friends.

Dan Bilzerian and Lisa Thomson

That's Bilzerian partying on a yacht with a few dozen blondes (Read: A typical Tuesday). The woman on the right is Lisa Thomson, the wife of celebrity NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus.

TMZ is reporting that Rosenhaus and Thomson got into a serious altercation last night and Bilzerian may have been to blame.

Sources say Rosenhaus and his brother confronted Thomson about her relationship with Bilzerian, with the brother going so far as to call Thomson a "whore" and an "alcoholic."

Cops were called and Lisa left the home without incident. 

Insiders say the Rosenhaus-Thomson marriage is almost certainly over and the month-old pics of Lisa with Bilzerian were definitely the cause of Rosenhaus' sudden outburst.

Another source tells TMZ that Rosenhaus "didn't care" about Lisa partying with Dan, but we think someone with Rosenhaus' notorious ego would most decidedly not be cool with his wife serving as arm candy for Instagram's most infamous Casanova.

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