Conrad Hilton: I Would Have Killed a Flight Attendant If I Hadn't Been Stopped

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The bizarre story of Conrad Hilton's mid-flight meltdown continues to get stranger.

Yesterday, we learned that Hilton entered rehab immediately after he was arrested for threatening crew members on a flight from London to LA.

Today, we're getting Hilton's side of the story via an FBI report about the incident.

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The charges against Hilton are serious and he could face 20 years in prison if convicted. So it's a bit surprising that he speaks so candidly about just how crazy things got on that fateful British Airways flight.

"I told all of them I could get their jobs taken away in less than 30 seconds," Hilton admits before crediting another passenger with preventing him from committing murder:

"If that man wasn't their [the flight attendant] would have been killed on that flight," says Hilton. "A hundred percent I would have killed him."

Needless to say, Conrad isn't doing much to help his own case.

He does claim that he acted in self-defense, but based on his description, it doesn't sound as though he was in much danger:

"I did intimidate, but through defense," Conrad tells the FBI. "He came up to me with his nose."

Yeah, last time we checked the nose isn't a deadly weapon. Looks like Conrad might wind up being the first Hilton to ever face any consequences for his actions.

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