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First, the good news for The Bachelor star Chris Soules: Redfoo was eliminated on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars results show and not him.

The bad news: Redfoo’s performance actually scored 10 points higher than Chris’ last night, so that doesn’t bode well for the next elimination proceedings.

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But, some more good news, or at least a good silver lining: When/if he gets the boot … no more making Whitney Bischoff jealous of Witney Carson!

If you watched Monday night’s show, you know that Chris Soules and his partner, Witney Carson, received the lowest score of the evening, by far.

However, because the results were based on the previous week’s efforts, Chris advanced while Redfoo was sent packing despite his rapid improvement.

It would appear that a similar fate awaits Chris Soules next, whether he improves or not, although fan votes do count for half the scores, so who knows.

In any case, he was "not happy" with his latest dance when left the stage. Helping him through the good times and the bad, though, has been his fiancee.

"She is there for me," Soules says of Whitney Bischoff, "and the first thing she did was send me a text after it and said, ‘Eff the judges, you did a great job!’"

"She’s just going to be there for me tonight when I’m not the happiest I’ve been on the scoring," The Bachelor star adds. "It’s nice to have her there for me."

"I know that she’s proud of me either way."

Aww. As Whitney put it with her Instagram message to the haters, her heart is full when it comes to Chris, and she’s sending positive vibes only.

And low scores or not, Chris says there’s one constant plus to being on Dancing with the Stars: "I enjoy dancing much more than I do dating 30 women at time!"

He makes a valid point, and an ironic one.

Somehow, dancing terribly with two left feet in front of 10 million people on live television may be less nerve wracking than his last reality show experience.