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Yesterday, we learned that "rapper" Lil Twist has been charged with six felonies in connection with last year’s assault on Kyle Massey and his brother, Chris.

Best known as a member of Justin Bieber’s entourage, Twist stands accused of beating up Chris Massey after he and Kyle kicked Twist out during a party at their home.

No one knows what led to Twist coming back with a pair of brass knuckles and beating the Massey brothers down, but we do know that Bieber’s bro is in a whole heap of legal trouble…and these days he’s getting no respect from Chris Massey: 

Chris Massey on Lil Twist: He's a Shoe Shiner!

Asked by TMZ cameramen what he thinks of the fact that there’s a warrant out for Twist’s arrest , Massey initially pretends like he’s never heard of the guy. Then the knives come out:

"Nobody’s heard of him," Massey jokes. "You talking about the guy who picks up Bieber’s bag?"

Yes, Massey referred to Twist as Bieber’s bag man. Those are some definite fighting words, but Massey isn’t even done yet. He delivers the coup de grace by calling Twist a "shoe shiner."

Bold man. If you’ve ever seen Goodfellas, you know what can happen when you tell a dude to go home and get his shine box. 

Hopefully, for Massey’s case, Twist gets picked up before there’s another altercation.