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Justin Bieber sidekick and aspiring rapper Lil Twist has been hit with six felony charges stemming from his alleged attack on Kyle Massey last year.

Twist, Lil

According to the alleged victim, and the authorities, Lil Twist beat up Kyle Massey and his brother last November, and stole a lot of stuff from his apartment.

The troubled Twist was hanging out with some friends in Kyle’s place when Kyle and his brother Chris Massey kicked them out. It’s not clear why.

What is clear is that it got ugly, and fast. Very ugly. Very fast.

They allegedly pushed their way back inside, proceeding to beat Chris and Kyle with knuckles, pants them (seriously) and steal a wallet and phone.

Twist has been officially charged with making criminal threats, burglary, grand theft, battery and assault with a deadly weapon (twice) as a result.

There’s an arrest warrant out for Twist (real name Christopher Lynn Moore), according to TMZ. He faces up to 25 years if convicted on all counts.

Wow. Sounds like one Lil rapper is in a LOT of trouble …