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Taylor Swift is apparently smarter than Ted Cruz.

Earlier this week, the singer purchased a series of porn websites because she didn’t want anyone else to control X-rated domains with her name in them.

No one in Cruz’s camp, however, used the same kind of foresight a couple years ago.

Ted Cruz Pic

The Texas State Senator announced his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential election yesterday, telling followers via Twitter:

"I am running for President of the United States to stand with each of you to reignite the promise of America #MakeDCListen."

That’s great and all, but the site appears to be owned by someone who doesn’t share Cruz’s political viewpoints, as it currently directs visitors to a dark screen with large white text in the middle that reads:

"Support President Obama. Immigration reform now!"

Over the past several months, Cruz has loudly spoken out against President Obama’s policies, including Net neutrality and health care reform.

Shortly after his announcement, popped up online with its contradictory view.

Aside from the pro-Obama message, there are no clues as to who might have bought the domain name and built the site.

But he or she may soon be very, very, very rich, assuming Cruz is willing to pony up to take this message down.