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You may already be familiar with the name Chet Haze. If not, prepare to be annoyed:

Chet Haze: White and Purple

That, friends, is the hardest rapper in the game, Chester Hanks, aka Tom Hanks’ son, aka Chet straight outta muthaf–kin’ Malibu Haze!

We already knew that Chet is an embarrassment to Hanks and his wife (as he should be) but now it seems that the rest of the world is catching on to what a human facepalm this kid is.

It seems Chet’s been taking a lot of flak this week, as a result of an interview on Eminem’s Sirius station in which the DJ and callers positively tore him a new one. ("You’re not Tom Hanks. You just came out of Tom Hanks’ d-ck," is our favorite quote.)

Like the rest of the world, Howard Stern found this hilarious and decided to crack a few jokes at Chet’s expense:

Actually pretty tame by Stern standards, but Chet wasn’t havin’ it, G!

The former Mr. Chester Marlon Hanks went off on Stern in a lengthy Twitter rant, in which he promised the radio icon, "I am going to see you in person, and I am going to hurt you."

He went on to blast Stern’s show as "LAME FUCKING YUPPIE HUMOR!" 

Yes, the son of Tom Hanks’ son (whose name, again, is Chester) is calling other people yuppies.

The worst part of this whole thing is that Chet Haze is fresh from rehab so he can’t even blame his idiocy on drugs. 

Stern has yet to publicly respond to the fact that he now has beef with the realest thug in Beverly Hills, but we imagine he’ll address Chester’s complaints on his show tomorrow.