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According to a new report, Bruce Jenner has taken yet another step toward becoming a woman.

This one has nothing to do with any private parts, however, as sources tell TMZ Jenner has undergone a nose job.

The procedure supposedly took place a few weeks ago and was meant to “soften” the star’s features, helping him look more feminine in the process.

Caitlyn Jenner for Governor?

As he transitions genders, Jenner has altered his physical appearance in numerous ways.

He’s grown his hair way out, of course, often wearing it in a ponytail; and he underwent a laryngeal shave in late 2013 to smooth out his Adam’s Apple.

It was right around that time when the Bruce Jenner sex change chatter got started in earnest.

Bruce has been undergoing hormone treatments for his major life change, which is apparently still very much a go.

Various outlets claim Jenner is still intent on becoming a female, though he’s now angling to axe the reality show that would document this decision because he wants to be taken seriously as a transgender role model.

That’s certainly admirable if true.

If Jenner did get a nose job, he’s just the latest member of his famous family to go under the knife.

Many believe Kim Kardashian has butt implants and Kylie Jenner has lip implants.

Many simply wish, meanwhile, that Kris Jenner would get a personality implant.