Kylie Jenner Lip Injections: Did She Get Work Done?

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Kylie Jenner plastic surgery rumors are nothing new at this point.

But while it was previously just tabloids and Internet gawkers guessing that the youngest Jenner has had work done, now it's doctors who specialize in this sort of thing.

Some are more or less "confirming" that the rumors are true.

Kylie Jenner: Lip Injections?

Asked to examine recent Instagram photos of the aspiring model, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond gave his predictable professional opinion: Kylie's a total liar.

"It appears she's had hyaluronic acid injected into her lips," he said.

It's important to note that while he performs such procedures and frequently works with celebs, the doc who offered his opinion on Kylie's lips to Radar, has not worked with Kylie personally. 

Even so, we're guessing Dr. Diamond is a pretty reliable source when it comes to this sort of thing ... at least by celebrity gossip standards.

Who better to tell if a celebrity has had plastic surgery than a plastic surgeon who works with celebrities and has made just those enhancements?

Of course, in Kylie's case, pretty much anyone with a set of eyes could make the call. Have you seen her now as opposed to just a few months ago?

Kylie's before-and-after photos recently made the rounds online pretty much confirming that the 16-year-old has had work done and that Kris Jenner is officially the worst mom ever.  

Check out the eye-popping gallery below for a reminder of just how fast Kylie and her sister Kendall are being forced to grow up.

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