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It’s time to pull the plug on Grey’s Anatomy.

This ABC drama has enjoyed an incredible run, putting Shonda Rhimes on the map, resurrecting the career of Patrick Dempsey and causing millions of viewers to put the prefix "Mc" before nearly everything.

But the series is no longer McAwesome. It’s McDesperate, in fact, coming up with one outlandish storyline after another in order to garner ratings, from plane crashes to hospital shootings to, most recently, an earthquake.

For this reason, Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 ought to be the show’s final farewell. 

We can’t stand to see any more original cast members leave and we’re really not excited for the alien invasion storyline you know is coming at some point.

(We sort of kid, but Izzie did once try to revive a dead deer. She also had sex with a ghost)

Grey’s Anatomy is merely one series whose time we believe has arrived.

All good things must eventually come to an end and we’ve listed nine programs above who are in serious danger of jumping so high over the shark that their heads may hit the sun.

Do you agree? Is it time for these networks to move on from these played-out shows?