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Based on her record sales, there’s no arguing the point that Taylor Swift is the most popular singer in the world.

But there also can’t really be an argument to be made against Taylor Swift being the most popular celebrity in Hollywood, either, of we’re counting by sheer number of famous friends.

No, we’re not looking at you, Katy Perry.

But we are looking at a very excited Lorde.

And a loyal Selena Gomez. And a famous dancer, a multi-talented actress/writer/producer, numerous singers and a couple of big-time actresses.

They’ve all befriended Taylor Swift over the years and they all continue to hang out with her to this day.

Can you blame them? Even a very young baby can’t stop crying unless Swift is nearby. This is a superstar who simply makes everyone around her happy.

Yes, except you, Katy Perry. We know.