Josh Smith: Jennifer Del Rio Got Knocked Up Just to Be on 16 and Pregnant!

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16 and Pregnant stars Josh Smith and Jennifer Del Rio, who were involved in a violent altercation this week, had a kid just to get on the show.

So says Josh in court documents after he filed restraining order against Jennifer. She allegedly punched her baby daddy in the face last Friday.

Smith claims his Jennifer Del Rio is a "compulsive liar" who concocted a diabolical scheme to get pregnant, one SO devious it went like this:

Josh Smith Mug Shot
Jennifer Del Rio Mug Shot

Jennifer Del Rio told him she was knocked up already (she wasn't) so he wouldn't wear a condom and then she actually DID get pregnant! Scandalous!

"She was giving me sonogram pictures ... that she claimed was 'our baby' when actually it was her friend's sonogram pictures she copied," he says.

"She lied to me and my parents for three months saying she was pregnant. She wanted so desperately to be on Sixteen and Pregnant."

As for the restraining order, Jennifer filed for a separate restraining order against HIM and claims Josh punched himself in the face to set her up."

The disaster of a couple is scheduled to be back in court on May 2. In light of Josh's claims, we've gotta reopen this ongoing debate at THG ...

Does MTV glorify, and thus encourage, teen pregnancy?

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