The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 6 Recap: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Badlands!

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Picking up where last week's cliffhanger left off, The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 6 revealed the fate of Kelsey Poe, and saw more ladies eliminated.

Who's still in the game, and who's headed home after another wild installment?

As always, you can peruse The Bachelor spoilers to learn who makes to the end (we're told) this season as Chris Soules' journey for love nears its end.

Now, to recap this week's dramatic, intense, unintentionally hilarious episode:

Oh, Kelsey Poe. Reliving that meltdown didn't make you look any better.

When The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 6 got underway, EMTs tended Kelsey, in the midst of a full blown panic attack. The other girls? Not impressed.

Asked by paramedics if she needed anything, Kelsey she asked for Chris Soules, who rushed to her side. The other girls? Even more not impressed.

Bachelor Milestone: Ladies and gentleman, an enemy has risen: Kelsey.

At the belated rose ceremony, Ashley I. has a breakdown of her own over Kelsey stealing time with Chris, but she does get a rose. As does Kelsey.

OUT: Samantha (apparently) and Mackenzie. Say hi to l'il Kale for us.

After that drama, we continued to Deadwood, S.D., the perfect place to fall in love or get shot in the back, as Chris slash the producers put it.

If you watch The Bachelor online, you know both are very possible.

On the first one-on-one date, Chris takes Becca Tilley horseback riding. She's hot. He is excited because she's the only one there he hasn't kissed.

YET. Dude completes the whole-house lip-lock feat in good time.

Back at the house, the women gang up on Kelsey Poe, who blames her "episode" on unprocessed emotions she had about opening up to Chris.

Behind their backs, she says they just hate her 'cause she's so smart - like, so intelligent these chicks can't even handle it - and clearly a threat.

She's as full of herself as she is good at lying apparently.

On the group date, Whitney, Jade, Britt, Carly, Megan and Kaitlyn are tasked with writing a love song with a little help from country stars Big & Rich.

Some definite laughs ensue, Carly takes the top prize, and Jade Roper also impresses Chris by virtue of the fact that she was so shy but persevered.

The group date rose goes to Britt Nilsson, though, and during her alone time with Prince Farming, she quickly draws almost as much scorn as Kelsey.

And now, the Two-on-One Date From Hell, perfectly chosen by the producers and pitting Ashley I. against Kelsey. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

It lived up to the potential. Taking them to a remote, dusty corner of Badlands National Park was probably good so no passersby would see it.

Ash promptly tells him that Kelsey sucks, and that everyone else in the house is suspicious of her, which Chris promptly relays directly to Kelsey.

Kelsey then calls her out, and Ashley goes to cry in the desert as Chris admits he doesn’t think she would be happy in Iowa, and he lets her go.

Obviously, he's right, but she storms off, shocked, tears streaming down her face, ugly crying her brains out. Chris does not bother chasing after her.

In the hotel room, a producer removes Ashley’s luggage. The women are not impressed that Kelsey has - apparently - survived the Wild West date.

However, Chris then unceremoniously dispatches Kelsey as well, hops in a helicopter and leaves both women to contemplate their fates in nature.

Back at the hotel room, the producers take away Kelsey’s luggage. The women pop champagne and celebrate like Tom Brady at the Super Bowl.

Who will join them on flights home (assuming someone got them out of the Badlands)? The rose ceremony will air as part of next week's two-night event!

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