Prince Michael Jackson: Partying Hard, Spiraling Out of Control?

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Prince Michael Jackson‘s 18th birthday is coming up this month, and friends worry that he is headed down a dangerous, self-destructive path.

Prince Michael, Paris Jackson

“Prince has been hanging out with a concerning crowd of Hollywood partiers, and it seems he has been spiraling out of control,” an insider claims.

“No one in his family seems to be able to control him," the concerned source goes on, "and everyone is worried about his rebellious behavior.”

Last month, the 17-year-old offspring of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was spotted partying late-night at the notorious Chateau Marmont.

Friends and family are increasingly on edge over his friendship with Justin Bieber, and multiple instances of Prince cyber-bullied on Facebook.

Making matters worse is his inheritance, says the source:

“While turning 18 gives Prince his legal freedom, he will still be dependent on a generous allowance from his father’s multi-million dollar estate."

"The huge fortune his father left behind remains controlled by a trust that will dole out dollars in increments starting when he turns 21, 30, 35 and 40.”

"Prince has been fighting with his dad’s estate planners because he feels that the huge allowance he gets per month - tens of thousands - is not enough."

The younger Jackson "has been going over budget due to his extravagant spending, including his recent shopping for Maseratis and Lamborghinis."

“Like any typical misguided teenager, Prince resents anyone telling him what to do and does the opposite of whatever Katherine and Joe say.”

“Because of who is father is, Prince considers himself an A-list celebrity and he gets very upset when he’s not treated like one,” the source said.

We truly hope these reports are greatly exaggerated.

However, given the obvious struggles Prince and Paris Jackson have endured over the past few years since Michael died, we fear the worst as well.

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