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Last month, Prince Michael Jackson dumped Nikita Bess, and when the newly single son of the King of Pop turns 18 next month, he’ll be gifted with a large chunk of his massive inheritance.

Young, wealthy, back on the market after a long relationship…sound like it would be a good time to some prowling via social media, right?

Unfortunately, sources say PMJ has been distancing himself from the web after becoming the victim of some vicious online attacks.

Though he’s been active on Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat for some time, Jackson only recently signed up for a Facebook account. It didn’t go well:

“He got really upset and he deleted it,” a source tells Radar Online. The insider adds that Prince received “thousands” of harassing comments.

While the cyber-bullying was certainly the worst part of the experience, insiders say Prince was almost equally upset by the obsessed fans who battered him with questions about whether his father is still alive.

Since deleting his Facebook account on Monday, Prince has reportedly distanced himself from social media entirely, having learned the perils of too much public interaction from both his father and sister.

Paris Jackson attempted suicide in 2013, reportedly due in large part to the constant media scrutiny that comes with being Michael’s offspring.

Given that Prince will receive several million dollars next month, we think the unplugging couldn’t have come at a better time.

The occasional funny cat meme isn’t worth the barrage of Nigerian princes that would come out of the woodwork looking for a piece of Prince Michael.