Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon Team Up, Beatbox "It Takes Two"

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Earlier this week, to kick off his five-day move to Los Angeles, Jimmy Fallon spoofed the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

Then, last night, Jimmy Fallon welcomed the Fresh Prince himself to the stage!

Will Smith appeared as a guest on the talk show, although the actor did a lot more than merely talk.

He teamed up with Fallon to lay some beats on an iPad app before launching into a duet of the 1988 Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock classic "It Takes Two."

And, as you can see above, the star and the host had the audience on its feet, singing and rapping right along.

It's been quite a week for Fallon in The City of Angels.

There was the aforementioned Fresh Prince parody. There have been some outstanding and fun interviews. But nothing will top this Saved By the Bell reunion sketch of course.

Check it out again...

... and then relive many other memorable Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon segments:

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