Prince Charles Sells Out William and Harry: How So?!?

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Prince Charles, heir to the throne of England, and father to Princes William and Harry, has one Hell of a bad reputation.

He's goofy looking, he's into weird sex stuff... and now a documentary is accusing him of leaking information about the royal family to the media.

Princes Charles, William and Harry in London

He's the Prince of Wales, The Duke of Rothesay, The Duke of Cornwall and an insecure old goober who has repeatedly used his power and his staff's influence to plant stories in the press about his sons and his ex-wife, Princess Diana.

According to "Reinventing the Royals," that is.

Why, you ask? Because when the stories are about his family, he can look good by comparison, even seeming compassionate. How, you ask?

Via one of Charles' most trusted staffers, Mark Bolland, who's described in the aforementioned documentary as the royal's PR "consigliere".

According to the new documentary, old Chucky apparently gave his approval to leak stories about Harry's drug use in return for a favorable editorial showing how great a dad Charles was when he heard about it.

Not only that, but Charles also let the details slip about the first time William and Harry met Camilla Parker-Bowles, his mistress.

It was an incredibly difficult time for both young princes, as they had just lost their mother less than a year before and the meeting was awkward and emotional.

Every detail was later reported by The Sun and William was hurt and absolutely baffled by how it all got out.

The reporter who wrote the story said "...all the details came to us and was, if you like, absolutely kosher. Apart from Camilla and William telling us, you couldn’t have got it from a better source…It was Mark Bolland.”

It's hard to see how selling out his inner-most family relationships can help Charles, except when you look at it from his twisted point of view.

Remember the story about those Prince Harry naked photos?

Well, Charles made sure he came across as easy-going and understanding, famously saying "boys will be boys." Now the question is: did he know before hand?

The selling out only starts there. Charles is evidently above nothing if it means boosting his own reputation, even at the expense of his family and beloved wife.

Meanwhile, William has survived the death of his mother; and now he and Kate are awaiting the arrival of their second child, looking like the monarchs of the future.

Charles' alleged "plan" could not have turned out worse.

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