Keira Knightley Fakes Orgasm in Must-See Video! Watch Now!

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So apparently, Vanity Fair decided to have a bunch of British actors take on roles famous roles from American movies.

There's Tom Hiddleston and Felicity Jones as Bonnie and Clyde, Game of Thrones' Richard Madden as Rhett Butler, and, for some reason, James Corden as Bill Clinton.

But this is worth watching, sharing, and re-watching for one reason, and one reason only - Keira Knightley faking an orgasm:

Technically, Keira is re-enacting the famous diner scene from When Harry Met Sally, but we're thankful they didn't go so far as to get have a stunned Bully Crystal sitting across from her.

Is this as memorable as the Keira Knightley topless photos that were posted back in August? Maybe not, but the girl is really showcasing her acting talent here.

Sure, she's nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work in The Imitation Game, but we're of the opinion that this is Keira's finest performance.

In addition to her Oscar nod, was recently revealed Keira is pregnant with her first child.

Needless to say, she's got quite the year ahead of her. But no matter what she accomplishes, we'll always remember 2015 as the year Keira faked an orgasm in a random Vanity Fair video.

God bless the Brits.

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