Llamas Get Loose in Arizona; Internet Loses Its Mind Over Ensuing Chase Caught on Video

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Llamas generally aren't the most graceful creatures, but the two that got loose in Arizona today are drawing comparisons to swivel-hipped running back Barry Sanders, due to their ability to evade captors like a pair of furry outlaws.

In case you don't have the 18 minutes to watch that entire video, trust us when we say this llama drama was the real deal. Fortunately, as usual, the Internet didn't pass up the opportunity to bust our some hilarious memes. 

Here are the llamas reimagined as Thelma and Louise:

Llamas: Thelma and Louise

And here they are in Bey and Jay mode:

Llamas: Jay Z and Beyonce

The black llama was apprehended by police first, but the white llama ran free for several more minutes before being lassoed. Thankfully, the pursuit ended peacefully, and no llamas were tazed, which is a thing that actually happened before. 

In total, the chase lasted about a half hour, but the spirit of the llamas quest for freedom will live in our hearts forever.

Or until something else funny happens on the Internet. Hey maybe Madonna will fall down again! We can only hope. 

While you're waiting for Madge to tumble, check out some more amazing animal videos in the gallery below. We hope you didn't have anything you were supposed to accomplish today:

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