Lindsay Lohan Ordered to Re-Do 125 Hours of Community Service

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Lindsay Lohan, PLEASE.

That was basically the reaction of a Santa Monica, Calif., judge, who reviewed the actress' alleged community service reports and ordered her to re-do them.

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The star failed to complete 240 hours - a requirement of her probation - to the judge's liking in her reckless driving case, stemming from a 2012 auto accident.

In June of that year, Lohan's Porsche rear-ended an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway. LiLo initially denied she had been behind the wheel.

The alleged actress was later convicted of reckless driving by the court, and in the court of celebrity gossip, of being a terrible liar for the 100th time.

Seriously. She's beyond bad.

Lohan must now do 125 hours all over again, after the judge was unmoved by her various excuses and ideas of what constitutes community service.

She actually wanted to count the time she spent letting London kids "work shadow" her rehearsals for a play, Speed-the-Plow, toward this requirement.

Not only is this patently ridiculous, but she consistently forgot her lines during the performance! So the kids didn't even learn anything from Lindsay.

Except maybe how to not be a train wreck, but we doubt that was the intent. Judge Mark Young ordered her to finish another additional 125 hours.

Hours that should have been done months ago. Sigh. Year in and year out, this saga continues. Clueless girl simply cannot get it together with the law.

She's like a female, non-violent Chris Brown.

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