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If you’re not already sitting down, take a seat and brace yourself for news that’s sure to rock your world:

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble with the law. We know…you’re shocked.

No, but seriously, everyone’s favorite freckly trainwreck could legitimately be facing jail time.

Lindsay and Bader Image

And this isn’t like the time Lohan went to jail for three hours. We’re talking serious, getting-drunk-on-toilet-tank-wine-and-earning-a-colorful-prison-nickname hard time.

And it’s all because she’s a terrible liar…

You see, back in 2012, Lindsay caused a car accident and lied about it to police. She got busted because – like we said – she sucks at lying.

She got off with a slap on the wrist, as she always does and was sentenced to community service. Last month, Lindsay lied about her community service and – you guessed it! – got caught.

Lindsay was given additional time to prove that she met the requirements, but she has yet to provide the documents the judge requested.

She’s due back in court on Wednesday, and at least one insider says it doesn’t look good for LiLo:

“[The prosecutor] is expected to ask Judge Richard Stone to terminate Lindsay’s probation and will recommend she serve jail time due to lack of transparency regarding the completion of community service hours,” says the source.

Yeah, that sounds bad. Let’s cross our fingers and hope they toss her in the same big house as Teresa Giudice, and prison officials allow reality show cameras inside.