Kody Brown: Polygamy Makes Me a Better Person!

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In multiple recent interviews, Justin Bieber has said he wants to be a better person.

If that's the case, Kody Brown has a suggestion for the singer: he should take on multiple wives!

In a post on his family website, the famous polygamist said his unusual lifestyle makes him an improved human being.

"We have chosen to live in a plural family for many reasons, above all we have a testimony that this is what God wants us to do, and that it will make us better people," Brown says. "We value family above all else."

Kody Brown and His Better Halves

That family recently underwent a change, however.

Brown filed for divorce from Meri and married the show's youngest cast member, Robyn, in order to better protect Robyn's kids financially.

Legally, Brown can only have a single wife at a time.

"The one thing I've found in this family, is that each mother has been able to criss-cross to another mother's child, and be the one to reach that child," Brown has said in the past. "It seems like we're meeting the needs of our children better than if we were monogamous."

It's certainly a different kind of set up. You can learn more about it when you watch Sister Wives online via TV Fanatic.

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