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SIGH. Stop us if you’ve heard this one before:

Kim Kardashian has gotten totally naked for a relatively random magazine.

Just a couple months after Kardashian bared all for Paper, the reality star has gone completely full frontal for the upcoming issue of LOVE Magazine.

The NSFW photo – which features Kim wearing a Prada fur coat and glasses, and nothing else – was Tweeted today by the publication in advance of its February 9 newsstand release date.

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Look for the Spring/Summer edition of LOVE to include a 30-page spread of Kim Kardashian pictures, some of which have already hit the Internet.

Like the one of Kanye’s better half exposing her rear end while smoking a cigarette.

The magazine will also run an alternate cover of Kim’s half-sister, Kendall Jenner, getting up close and intimate with Cara Delevingne… along with images of Kylie Jenner as a big-lipped blonde.

How very sweet, right? You know what they say: the family that poses seductively together stays together.

God help us if North West ever learns how to use the Internet.

Shockingly, however, Kim Kardashian doesn’t always take all of her clothes off. Don’t believe us? See what we mean here: