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LOVE Magazine is officially in love with the First Family of Reality Television.

We’ve already given fans a look at Kim Kardashian’s upcoming spread in the next issue of this British publication, which will feature some racy snaps.

And we also already know that Kendall Jenner will be featured on an alternate cover, getting very cozy with fellow model Cara Delevingne.

But did you know that Kylie Jenner will also get her own spread?

And that she’ll look nearly unrecognizable in it?

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Okay, yes. Kylie Jenner’s lips are pretty recognizable right now, if not a couple of years ago. But that blonde hair! Do you think she can pull this look off?

The 17-year old star posted the above photo and the below photo on Instagram today, hyping the Monday, February 9 release of the LOVE issue.

According to industry experts, it’s a special collector’s edition that will apparently be dedicated to famous people with no talent. Just kidding. But sort of true.

Here’s another photo of Kylie from the spread:

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Jenner wrote as a caption to the second picture:

"@THELOVEMAGAZINE ❤️ & love this sneak peak inside the February issue shot by @stevenkleinstudio & styled by @simonrobins1000 #love13."

We can’t exactly say we’re huge fans of Kylie’s style in this shots, but you gotta take the glass half full attitude when you stop and think and realize:

At least the teenager is wearing clothes, right?

It’s a start! Baby steps, THGers. Baby. Steps.