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On last night’s Kate Plus 8 Season 3 Episode 5, viewers got to take a look back at memorable moments from previous installments, and seasons.

Gripping stuff, we know. Hope you’re sitting down.

Yes, Kate Plus 8 Season 3 Episode 5 was already a retrospective. Guess TLC didn’t want to commit all that much in terms of air time and resources.

If you watch Kate Plus 8 online, or frankly know anything about its leading lady, you know she loves the spotlight, but also her eight children, and deeply.

She says her children often watch old episodes of the show to reminisce about the good times and some of the things they might have not remembered.

“That’s why I’ll never regret the decision I made,” she said of bringing cameras into her home, then bringing them back into their home years after her heyday.

She will defend them, and their appearance on this reality show, until her last breath. Kate Gosselin openly says she’s in it for the money, but also memories.

Some of which include, but are not limited to:

During the Season 3 finale, Kate Gosselin also answered fan-submitted questions, which is amazing in the sense that there are still fans to write them in.

We kid … the producers can obviously feed her faux fan questions on cue cards. One of which posed the subject of Kate meeting somebody new.

“If you’re not in my kitchen or in the grocery store then I’m not going to meet you,” she demurred, so apparently that’s where she met Jeff Prescott.

Hope it works out better than … you know: