Kate Middleton to Vacation in Mustique With Prince George, Parents; William Sitting This One Out

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Pregnant Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is leaving Prince William to vacation with her family and Prince George in Mustique, according to new reports.

Kate Middleton Baby Bump #2

The two spend a lot of time apart, considering that they are raising the heir to the British monarchy, and more simply and profoundly because they're married.

Work obligations will do that, of course, and their schedules are busier than most people's, even if Middleton works less than any royal family member.

Still, you'd probably expect that they would go on vacations together if nothing else. You'd expect wrong, however, at least in this particular case.

A source tells the Daily Mail, “Kate is penciled in for a trip to Mustique with George. William is not going as he has his head down, revising for exams."

"It is a big birthday for Carole and Kate won’t want to miss it," says the alleged royal insider. "She has been saying she really is missing some winter sun.”

The cheating rumors are already flying, especially given Prince Charles' history and the recent sex scandal involving Prince Andrew, but that's a stretch.

More likely, Kate is just trying to keep her kids away from royal family members at all costs, and if that means a trip that William can't make, so be it.

By all accounts, William is a stand-up guy who isn't prone to doing anything untoward to his wife and children, and we would never assume differently.

He often seems content to let his commoner wife wear the pants in the family - commendably, really - when it comes to where they live and what they do.

We have no doubt there is friction between his relatives and his wife, but this is true of many in-laws, and likely not as scandalous as often reported.

The real burning question: Will there be any Kate Middleton bikini photos snapped on the majestic shores Mustique this time around?

Because the last time she went ...

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