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As you’ve probably heard by now, Kanye West blasted the Grammys for awarding the Album of the Year to Beck instead of Beyonce, in a post-show tirade that was pure, 100% uncut Yeezy.

Many interpreted the rant as a personal assault on Beck, and for good reason.

Kanye stated his belief that the revered singer-songwriter needs to "respect real artistry" which seemed to be ‘Ye’s way of saying that Beck is not a real artist.

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Kanye West Never Smiles
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(Someone should really send Mr. West a copy of any of Beck’s 12 critically-acclaimed studio albums.)

Anyway, as he’s wont to do, Kanye came down from his bipolar rage-high and realized that he sounded like an ignorant jackass. The fact that Beck responded to the Kanye diss in the most humble, respectful fashion imaginable probably drove that point home.

Kanye West Slams the Grammys

So now, Yeezus is backpedaling big time, and lo, his disciples may have to re-write every chapter and verse of Kanye’s Letters to Beck.

"Beck is one of the nicest guys and one of the most respected musicians in the game," Kanye said in a n interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning. "[He is] one of the most respected artists and someone who respects artistry."

"When I said that thing about respect artistry, I think it came off wrong and was a mis-wording on my part."

Hmm…too little too late, or a sincere mea culpa from Yeezy?

The way we see it, the fact remains – Kanye’s a loser, baby. We’ll leave it up to music fans of a certain age to complete the rest of that line.