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Josh Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame claims to love gay people, but his endorsement of a pair of controversial authors would suggest otherwise.

Josh Duggar: Whatever the Cost

He recently plugged home improvement experts David and Jason Benham‘s Christianity-based book, Whatever The Cost, on his official Instagram.

“An incredible story of faith,” the soon-to-be father of four gushed.

David and Jason Benham have came under heavy scrutiny, however, for openly slamming gay men and women on a conservative radio show.

“We have a homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation,” David said, lamenting the "demonic ideologies" taking over our schools.

In the wake of the controversial statements, the Benhams’ HGTV reality series, Flip It Forward, was canceled before its’ October 2014 premiere.

Josh, the eldest son of 19 Kids And Counting parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, has been proactively fighting same-sex marriage for years.

A 26-year-old conservative activist, Josh Duggar says he loves gay people, even as he works within the political process to fight against their rights.

He has said that he’s actually trying to help their sad, lonely lifestyle as a result of his agenda, which tells you a lot about how he views the community.

In November, the Family Research Council Action executive director proudly led a gay marriage opposition rally in his home state capitol in Arkansas.

Josh Duggar and his family are equally passionate about abortion.

Even his pregnant wife Anna Duggar caused controversy this week when she used Black History Month to attack the controversial medical procedure.

As always, the Duggars are steadfast in their beliefs, and are not about to let their elevated celebrity profiles stand in the way of expressing them.

On the contrary, as they gain more and more of a platform, look for them to be ever more vocal in pursuit of what they feel is the righteous path.