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Red carpet reporter Giuliana Rancic wants newly-hired colleague Maria Menounos out of the picture over on E! News, according to new reports.

Why does she allegedly care? And will she be successful?

The Hollywood Gossip
The Hollywood Gossip

Rancic, 40, and Menounos, 36, have both interviewed so many famous faces over the years that they have become stars themselves in their own right.

Perhaps for this reason, there’s a bit of a turf war in effect.

According to an industry insider close to the celebrity gossip and news network, “Giuliana feels like Maria is stealing her show and she is terrified.”

As a result, “She wants Maria out,” a source told In Touch.

“Giuliana feels threatened by Maria" because of her contract, which "includes Live From E!, as well as stake in the company and her own show.”

It didn’t help matters when a scheduling snafu on Rancic’s part left the door open for Maria to step in and host E!’s SAG Awards red carpet coverage.

Menounos’ efforts were not that well received, either.

“Maria royally messed up at the SAG’s when she was taking over for Giuliana and she got heat for it,” the source says of her lackluster performance.

“Maria chalked it up to the fact that she was so nervous and the network sided with her, which pissed off Giuliana even more," the insider continues.

While "E! understands that this was a one-time mess-up because Maria is such a seasoned pro at this,” some think Rancic might be first to go.

“Honestly, people that work at E! think that Giuliana really needs to step aside,” continues the supposed network source. “She is tired and it shows.”

You buying it? And which celeb reporter do you prefer?

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