Mia Khalifa: Drake Tried to Bang Me, Failed Miserably

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After a sudden rise to fame sparked by her ability to make other things rise suddenly, Mia Khalifa is the #1 ranked porn star online.

Her Lebanese heritage has resulted in death threats from Muslim extremists, but it seems that's not the only unwanted attention she's been receiving lately.

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Drizzy Drake

During an interview with a Miami radio station last night, Mia was asked if she'd been hit on by any famous men.

After doing her best to dodge the question, she finally admitted to receiving a number of "cringeworthy" Instagram messages from someone whose name rhymes with "rake."

So yeah, she wouldn't actually reveal his name, but unless Blake Shelton is up late cruising for porn stars after Miranda Lambert goes to bed, it's Drake. 

Further confirming that the creeper in question is none other than the most sensitive man in rap, the interviewer joked that the dude sent her a photo of himself "lying on the bed, shirtless, kinda sad looking" (which - let's be honest - is something we could all see Drizzy doing), and Mia joked, "You're halfway there."

She didn't get into any of the specifics regarding Drake's lame game (We're guessing he figured out a way to auto-tune text.) but she stated more than once that "the whole thing was cringeworthy."

Ouch. First Drake gets dumped by Rihanna, now this.

We're sure the whole experience has him as bummed as that time his mom forgot his tuna fish sandwich:

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