Clint Eastwood on American Sniper Critics: They're Right!

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Well, this is unexpected.

In case you're somehow unaware, the new Clint Eastwood-Bradley Cooper film American Sniper is a massive hit with audiences, but its also drawn a good deal of criticism, in part because large portions of Chris Kyle's memoirs - on which the film was based - are believed to be fabricated.

Michael Moore referred to snipers as cowards and is still subjected to daily Twitter hate as a result. Seth Rogen compared the film to Nazi propaganda and the actor received swift and immediate backlash.

Eastwood has been largely silent on the subject, so it was somewhat surprising when he decided to offer his two cents to a TMZ cameraman last night. It's really surprising when you hear what he had to say:

Yes, Squinty Clint seems to agree with those who have claimed that the film is not without its problematic elements.

It's possible that Eastwood just misunderstood the question, but it's equally possible that he meant what he said, and that his film is being used to support political ideologies with which he doesn't agree.

Anyone who's seen at the RNC knows that Clint is a card-carrying Republican, but he's generally moderate and often left-leaning in his politics.

Eastwood has been openly critical of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and though he's clearly a supporter of the troops, it's not surprising that he might object to some warhawks finding a message in Sniper that's not really there.

Or, it could be that he acknowledges that Kyle made some questionable claims in his autobiography and you're not necessarily disparaging an American hero if you point out that Kyle didn't really snipe looters after Katrina or beat up Governor Jesse Ventura.

Or maybe Clint's just defending the right of his critics to openly express their thoughts on his film. After all, Clint is pretty much the quintessential American, and what's more American than freedom of speech?

Then again, this is the same Eastwood that threatened to kill Michael Moore, so there might be something to that "didn't understand the question" theory.

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