Kathy Griffin: Is Fashion Police Host Responsible For the Zendaya Weed Comment?

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Earlier this week, a controversy erupted surrounding Giuliana Rancic's comments about Zendaya's hair.

In case you somehow missed it, here's the offending clip:

Giuliana has taken the majority of the blame for the remark, and public outrage has reached the point that many are calling for Rancic to be fired from the E! network.

But if you watch that clip closely, you can clearly tell that Rancic was not the first one to quip that Zendaya's hair "smells like weed."

Sure, Rancic repeated the joke, so we suppose she bears some of the responsibility, but it was Kathy Griffin who made the remark first. 

Much was made of Griffin replacing Joan Rivers on Fashion Police when E! execs announced their decision to bring the series back after Rivers' death, so it stands to reason that Griffin is doing all that she can to fill the Queen of Mean's shoes.

However, Rivers was as bold as she was brash, and she would never stand idly by while a colleague took the heat for one of her jokes.

Griffin has been as active as ever on Twitter in the days since the Zendaya controversy started, but she has yet to step up and accept her share of the responsibility. Not cool, Kathy. Not cool.

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