Bruce Jenner Sex Change Could Kill Him, Doctors Warn

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Nobody doubts that Bruce Jenner's sex change, or gender transition as it's often referred to, is a most controversial decision. But is it a safe decision?

Some leading doctors doesn't think so.

Bruce Jenner Looking Like a Female

It was confirmed after his accident last week that the 65-year-old former Olympian is undergoing hormone therapy to permanently change his gender.

Dr. Harold Reed, one of the world’s leading experts on gender reassignment, says that such therapy could be a huge risk for a patient of Jenner's age

"We used to prescribe hormones for all transsexual and transgender people, regardless of their age," he says, in order to help them achieve results.

But, he warns, "[people] who are on estrogen that are over the age of 55 have a much higher incidence of heart disease, heart attacks and coagulopathy."

Coagulopathy is a condition that can lead to blood clots forming more easily, which can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and/or a wide array of serious conditions.

According to Reed, once Jenner transitions into a woman, he'll be no different than any post-menopausal woman (I can think of one difference, ... but I'll leave it alone for now).

Anyway, after menopause, a woman just about stops producing estrogen. But Bruce will STILL be producing estrogen. Reed describes the problem:

"In Bruce Jenner’s case, because he is 65-years-old and on estrogen, what he is trying to do is actually trying to produce a super female."

"In actuality, he is enhancing the risk and could be putting his life at risk.

A "super female"? His doctors must know this, but does Bruce care?

The quest to be a woman must be very powerful for him to actually be willing to risk his life. But is the quest to become a woman? Or is it to be the first famous person to do so?

As a huge celebrity, Jenner brings issues to the forefront of our culture. Could that be a reason he is so interested in continuing down this path?

The danger is real, and the consequences are real.

Are they worth it, if it means risking your life?

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