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Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 10 took us to Miami and Scheana Marie’s bachelorette party weekend, where there was surprisingly no drama whatsoever.

Just rest, relaxation and beach bonding for the whole crew. It was refreshing.

KIDDING! Did anyone out there buy that for a second? If so, clearly you don’t watch Vanderpump Rules online, ’cause there’s always drama with this crew.

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Like last week’s San Diego sojourn, Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 10 did not disappoint as the fallout from the guys’ previous trip continued.

James Kennedy, in describing Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor’s friendship, said, “If you don’t tell on me, I won’t tell on you. But if I f–k up, I’ll tell on you."

He’s not wrong. Jax throws people under the bus left and right, and after his San Diego escapades, Tom is aghast at the idea of covering for him.

Tom’s not perfect himself, but he’s a guy who’s willing to put a lot behind them. What (and who) Jax did in S.D. just did not sit well with him though.

Sandoval called out his friend’s denials of railing “the most bootleg chick” in the bathroom of the hotel Jax’s girlfriend Tiffany set them all up with.

Jax, upstanding man that he is, turned the tables on his friend, bringing up his own alleged cheating scandal. Sandoval, again, was far from pleased.

So did Tom really cheat on Ariana Madix in Miami the last time he was there? It’s unclear, but one person in particular was likely loving the inquisition:

Kristen Doute, who James Kennedy was texting updates. She played it cool, but proceeded to leave her phone behind while she went to the bathroom.

Of all people, Vail Bloom yoinked Kristen’s phone and read the scandalous texts aloud. Doute then returned and acted like nothing was amiss.

So wait … she WANTED that information to get out (just because she could, we’re guessing) and knew Vail (or someone) would take the bait!

You are one shrewdly diabolical villain, Kristen Doute. Diabolical.

Beyond that, we saw the gang spending a weekend away from work by partying, drinking, Twerking and grabbing fistfuls of ass around the clock.

Standard stuff, but in Miami to celebrate Ms. Scheana Marie!

Next week, it looks like Tom Sandoval cries over Kristen (sigh), while Jax reveals if he’s ever hooked up with a man before. Is it Monday night yet?!