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Kandi hosted a sex and relationships party on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 9 Sunday, which was even more awkward than it sounds.

Also, NeNe beefed with pretty much everyone, Apollo made things really awkward and one of the women realized that her partner may have been unfaithful.

Let’s recap The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 9, shall we?

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New cast member Claudia Jordan and Kandi Burruss dish about sex and how the former knows Porsha Williams a lot better than Porsha had let on earlier.

Kandi organizes a girls’ night and Claudia agrees to go, as long as Kandi convinces the girls not to hate on her because of her ties to the reviled Kenya Moore.  

“If there is one thing they can bond over, it’s sex and relationship talk,” Kandi says, and if you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you know she ain’t wrong.

Meanwhile, Phaedra Parks is preparing for husband Apollo Nida’s “mandatory vacation” of eight years by building a security fence around her property.

She’s paranoid about celebrity gossip photographers and gawkers, and likely Apollo Nida personally, as he’s still a free man for now but no longer staying there.

“They must be cleaning the streets today, since he’s not running them,” Phaedra says as he pulls up while she’s talking to the contractors about the fence.

“No one respects me for some reason,” Apollo laments after that amazing burn, without any noticeable sense of irony. “It’s always been like that in my house.”

“As of now, the way it seems, I don’t even have a place to stay when I come home,” Nida reflects after yet another fight with Parks. Ya think?! Crazy.

Not surprisingly, Kandi’s party also got awkward after NeNe straight up rejected Kenya Moore’s attempt to hug her. “I’m like a one-night stand,” NeNe said.

“I bang you, but if I don’t want to do you no more, I won’t do you. I just want to be clear: We alright… but I don’t want you out here telling people I’m your friend.”

Damn. NeNe also shades Claudia after Porsha tries to introduce them, saying derisively that she "met her a long time ago" and looking totally unimpressed.

“NeNe is killing our vibe,” Kandi said in her confessional, and while she didn’t call her a ghetto, classless beast like some people, she was not thrilled.

Burruss’ group activity involves the cast members dishing on their relationship statuses and how long they’ve been with their respective lovers, if applicable.

Demetria McKinney is happy to announced, “I am and have been – off and on for 7-8 years – dating Roger Bobb. He’s my best friend. The d is exquisite!”

The D? Wow. Anyway, Kandi’s friend Gocha then asks about the "off" part, revealing that two years prior, “I dated him too … he told me that you were just his artist.”

DAMN! “I’m almost positive [Gocha is] lying,” Demetria insists, but we have a feeling she’s not, and we guarantee we have not heard the last of this plot line.