Teresa Giudice: Hoping For Early Release, Job in Prison Kitchen, Lawyer Says

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If Teresa Giudice thought going to prison would put an end to the media's interest in her sad, strange downfall, she's got another thing coming. 

Updates on Teresa's life as an inmate continue to pour in daily. 

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Yesterday, we learned that Teresa will earn 12 cents an hour doing some kind of menial work during her sentence.

Prior to that, a former convict stated that Teresa will be targeted by other inmates as a result of her celebrity status.

Despite those grim revelations, however, Teresa's lawyer insists that all is well for the disgraced reality star. In fact, he says T is looking forward to working her magic in the big house kitchen.

"I think she hopes to turn this into something positive," said attorney James L. Leonard, Jr. "She indicated that if she had her choice, she would like to work in the kitchen facility, because obviously she's a good cook."

As for how long her sentence will actually last, Leonard says he's hopeful that Teresa will be out in time for the 2015 holidays.

"Our projections are that if nothing changes with her sentence, she should be released some time in early December," Leonard says.

Leonard was also asked about Joe Giudice, who is expected to begin serving his 41-month sentence in March of 2016.

"There will certainly be an overlap where they will be together," Leonard says. "Which will be taxing on him and the girls."

It will be "taxing" for Joe to spend a few months with his wife?! Leonard doesn't seem to be optimistic about the future of Joe and Teresa's relationship, but then again, neither is anyone else.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to see more familial dysfunction from the Giudices.

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