Taylor Swift Hacker: STILL Trying to Sell Nude Photos!

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Yesterday, Taylor Swift's Twitter account was hacked, but the man who claims to be responsible doesn't seem to be facing any sort of criminal charges.

Taylor Swift: Hot in NYC

In fact, he's been contacting various media outlets to boast about the hack and try to sell what he claims are nude photos of Swift.

Thus far, sources who have spoken with the man (identified only as "Veri") say he refuses to show the nudes as evidence but has offered several photos of Taylor's Twitter messages, such as this exchange between the singer and Lena Dunham:

Taylor Swift-Lena Dunham Messages

It's clear that the Dunham "molestation" scandal had just taken place at the time the messages were sent, which would mean the conversation occurred in early November.

So the hacker clearly went pretty deep into Taylor's inbox. No one is questioning that he was able to access her social media accounts and that he's in possession of thousands of Taylor's personal correspondences.

However, he's almost certainly lying about the nudes.

For starters, Veri told Gawker blogger Sam Biddle that he's in negotiations to sell the photos to TMZ. Biddle points out that TMZ has a policy against publishing nude photos, even when they're available for free. Thus, it's unlikely they'd bother negotiating with Veri.

In addition, Swift has claimed that she's not in the habit of snapping nude selfies, and frankly, we believe her.

Her private life may not be as squeaky-clean as her public image, but Taylor is mature and media-savvy enough to be well aware of the dangers of someone with her level of fame posing for nudes.

As for the DMs lifted from Taylor's Twitter? We're guessing there's nothing too juicy there. As far as we can tell, Veri's made no attempt to sell them.

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