Aaron Hernandez: Video of Former Patriots Star Holding Gun on Day of Murder Shown in Court

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In the midst of DeflateGate (or BallGhazi, if you prefer) you might have forgotten about the far more scandalous story that's taken some of the sheen off the Patriots' dominant season.

The murder trial of Aaron Hernandez began this week just days after his former team left Foxborough for Super Bowl XLIX.

The murder of Odin Lloyd - for which Hernandez is being tried - allegedly took place in June of 2013, so obviously, Hernandez hasn't had any direct association with the Patriots for quite some time.

Even so, team owner Robert Kraft must be bemoaning the unfortunate coincidence of Hernandez re-entering the headlines just as the Patriots are attempting to distance themselves from an entirely different scandal.

Today, in opening arguments, the prosecution presented damning footage that they say shows Hernandez holding the murder weapon:

It appears to be pretty open-and-shut, but legal experts say the trial may drag on for several months.

However, considering Hernandez is also accused of killing two other men, it seems unlikely that he'll ever be a free man.

Sources indicate that Patriots coach Bill Belichick is expected to testify in the trial. In the weeks before the murder, Hernandez reportedly confided to Belichick that he feared for his life, as he was attempting to cut ties with some unsavory figures. 

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