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It’s the question that made it difficult for you to enjoy the holidays:


This ABC thrill ride posed that inquiry in late November after its heroine vanished in the middle of a romantic tryst with Jake. Was an answer provided on Scandal Season 4 Episode 10?


Yes. Olivia was taken about 15 feet away.

She’s in the apartment across the hall from hers, something viewers learned while Jake sprinted to the street below in nothing but his BVDs.

What else did we learn about Olivia’s disappearance this week?

Olivia Pope is crafty. She left her ring behind for Jake to eventually find and she immediately assessed the hierarchy among her kidnappers, thereby learning who isn’t calling the shots, a key piece of information for later.

Olivia Pope even has clever nightmares. They are filled with wink-wink props like White Hat Jams and they can be very helpful, leaving her with clues about where a loose copper pipe might be found and how this could be used as a weapon.

Olivia Pope is also being tricked. When she finally put down Otto and got past the locked red door, she was… inside a warehouse? Emerging from what was essentially a fancy movie set?!?


Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 Online
Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 Online

You’ll need to watch Scandal online to see how Ian, the supposedly dead journalist, was the puppetmaster through all of this, having put Olivia through this ruse to extract intel from her.

All he knows for now, however, is what we could have told him awhile ago: The President of the United States will never stop searching for her.

So, Gladiators, what did you think of this return episode? Everything you were hoping for and more?

Sound off with your take below and look forward to Scandal Season 4 Episode 11 next Thursday night. It will be titled "Where’s the Black Lady?"