Newborn Twins Have First Conversation, World Swoons

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This video was first posted last summer, but the experience for the people involved, and emotions you'll feel when simply watching it, are timeless.

These newborn twin girls, just one hour old, attempting to have their first "conversation" with each other is as just about magical as it can get.

Take a look at it below and try not to weep openly ...

"Hello ... what just happened? Where are we?!"

We obviously can't know what they're thinking, or "talking" about - it's not like you can ask or get much feedback at age one hour - but you can imagine.

“Did you get out okay?” "How are you feeling?"

Probably nothing that specific, but in any case, a wonderful testament to the bond between twins, children bonded like no other and since conception!

Doesn't hurt that these two little girl babies are tremendously cute ones, to boot. Wonder what the duo looks like today, at age seven months?

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