Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: D-List Wife Swap Beef

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On Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 4, jealousy erupted after the celebrity (we use the term loosely) couples were forced to swap partners.

As a result of that exercise, some scandalous photos enraged Natalie Nunn ...

When Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 4 got underway, Spencer Pratt spent the day with Nataline, and Jacob Payne with Heidi Montag.

From the start, it seemed like Heidi, and/or producers trying to get people to watch Marriage Boot Camp online, were just trying to rattle Natalie.

Horseback riding with ripped shirts, because obviously, Montag encourage Jacob to just take his off, because what else is there to do anyway?!

Heidi Montag knows full well that Natalie Nunns butt selfies on Instagram are a big reason she's even on Marriage Boot Camp, so she eggs him on.

Hard. She even offers to be his photographer for this very sexy exercise.

"Take it off Jacob!" The Hills star urges. "She loves Instagram, right?"

Jacob, of course, has some issues with Natalie's booty on display, but meanwhile, Nunn tells Heidi's husband Spencer about just how jealous she is:

"I'm obsessed with Jacob ... I warned him, don't you look at anybody, don't take your shirt off, don't cook breakfast for anybody. There's a little jealously there."

A little?

The Bad Girls Club star claims she's not worried about Heidi, unaware that at that very moment, Montag is doing something that will definitely stir the pot.

Which she seems to have some clue might be the case. She says she's not concerned about Jacob, per se, but her Marriage Boot Camp rival.

"I'm just worried about me having to whoop her ass for doing some stupid s--t," she tells her faux hubby. "Because I'm not the one to be f--king with."

Spencer, meanwhile looks truly terrified for Heidi. Should he be? Follow the links above to see what went down next, then for more things that will truly terrify you …

Just scroll through the gallery below:

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