Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Natalie Nunn LOSES IT

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The reality stars were both played and betrayed HARD on Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 3 last night on WE tv. What did that entail, exactly?

A major feud between Natalie Nunn and everyone else, for sure!

As Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 3 got underway, Natalie feels she has an "alliance" with Rachel that Rachel clearly has not been told about.

Cue the paintball drill. If you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, you'll see the campers aim and fire on the co-stars they don't like. These are the rules.

Natalie doesn’t shoot Rachel because of the aforementioned non-alliance. Rachel unloads on Natalie because, well, she's following the instructions.

“Bitch, we supposed to be on the same team,” Natalie yells after this epic betrayal “Can we do that over again, 'cause I’m coming for Rachel then.”

An argument ensues. Aviva and Reid Drescher make fun of Natalie’s ghetto-speak, not because they are racist, but because it seems to come and go.

Seriously, she turns it on whenever she wants to sound intimidating or furious, yet uses perfect, or at least respectable grammar and diction otherwise.

“Bitch, I’m coming for you. I’m about to turn this house upside down,” Natalie says, in any case, fuming at what she thought was her partner in all this.

As for her actual partner in life (pity the poor soul)? “This is not Bad Girls Club. This is Marriage Boot Camp," Jacob says, but he's already been ignored.

When they sit down for evaluations, Natalie Nunn goes OFF.

“I called Rachel a fake ass bitch because I feel like she’s fake as f--k," she says, and while the rest of the cast rolls its eyes, Heidi Montag is feeling it!

The Hills star is gunning for Rachel too, and she and Natalie have a meeting of the minds, after which Heidi Montag puts on a wedding gown prop.

She thinks Rachel has been disrespectful to her and explains, “I was triggered to ‘mean girls status’ and were we like let’s show her how to be a wife."


“We decide to rub it in her face that we are wives,” Natalie says, as she and Heidi decide to gang up on Rachel, who is admittedly kind of scared.

What follows is seriously insane, as Heidi proceeds to brag about how long she's been married and that Rachel needs to have some freaking respect.

Moreover, the plastic princess says she's been "there" for Rachel and can't get over her alleged betrayal. After knowing her all of 72 hours, apparently.

“I felt like Rachel still needed to be attacked a little bit and so I got Heidi to do my dirty work,” Natalie brags, as Rachel apologizes for her "wrongdoing."

Of course, she admittedly would've said whatever it takes to get the drunk loons out of her room at that point, so there was a self-preservation angle.

To see the drama play out for yourself, as well as everything else that went on Friday night, just follow the above links and prepare to cringe hardcore.

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